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Should I Outsource My Corporate Development Function?

Corporate development is a key function for those mid-market companies seeking to grow through strategic acquisitions.  Unfortunately, this can be an expensive capability for a mid-market firm to undertake in-house.  Competent corporate development officers are not cheap and support staff will probably be necessary as well, all combining to a hefty price tag.  Tower Corporate Advisors offers several economical alternatives to an in-house corporate development department. READ MORE

Does Growing By Acquisition Make Sense For Me?

Have you ever wondered about how some businesses grow so successfully through acquisitions? Buying a business poses many challenges but also can provide many opportunities to increase the value of your business.  There are numerous factors to consider when making the decision to grow through acquisitions.  Successful acquisitions usually result from a thoughtfully developed strategic plan.  Investment bankers can help a business owner develop an acquisition strategy and help implement that strategy by acquiring an operation that meets the strategic objectives of the acquiring business.  The following article discusses developing an acquisition strategy and takes a look at the implementation of that strategy. READ MORE

What is My Business Worth?

Ever wondered how much your business is worth?  Most business owners have an opinion of what their companies are worth but it is often not supported by financial data and analysis that the market uses to value a company.  Investment bankers are experts at valuing businesses.  The following article describes valuation issues and techniques and is excellent reading for any business owner. READ MORE

How Can I Sell My Business?

Ever thought about selling your business?  Have questions about how it’s done?   Most business owners don’t have a good understanding of the sale process or how to maximize the sale price of their businesses.  Investment bankers are experts at structuring a sale and obtaining the most value for the selling owner.  The following article discusses the various forms that a sale of a business may take, the processes involved, and recommendations for structuring a sale. READ MORE

Ownership Transitions - What Are My Options?

Ever thought about ownership transition issues and alternatives?  At some point, most business owners start thinking about how to capture the value of their businesses and becoming less involved in the operations.  This can take many forms and depends on the financial and personal objectives of the owner.  Do I want to stay involved in the business?  Do I want a partner?  Is there a way that I can capture some value now and pass the business along to family members?  The following articles looks at various alternatives to transitioning out of the business and is a must read for those contemplating doing so.  READ MORE