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A Partner for Our Clients

Tower is a consulting  firm specializing in advising companies in the lower middle market.  We focus on three core services  (1) part time or consulting CFO services for owners seeking a partner to drive and improve performance  (2) EXIT PREP services to companies considering and beginning the process of considering and exit or transition of ownership and (3)  providing outsourced corporate development services to compnaies seeking to grow via acquisition.  We also will advise and provide  sell side advisory services in targeted industries. Tower serves the lower middle market – companies typically with sales in the range of $5 to $200M in sales.


The lower middle market is unique.  The companies are to a large extent privately owned, family run, and, despite their size, often more complex and nuanced than their larger brethren.  Owners need solid advice and input to help them navigate their way to success.  We find most owners are really good at sales and operations but often lack interest or expertise in the financial arena.  These owners find our services most beneficial.

From the M&A perspective small owner run companies is a distinct market that differs from the well reported and covered Wall Street, bulge bracket and upper middle markets. These companies require merger and acquisition advice that is learned in the trenches of transactions in the lower middle market, as well as insights into the private equity markets that continue to extend into this market space and offer ripe alternatives to the private owner.

Our passion is to help companies in this sector prosper and grow either organically or through acquisition.  Few smaller companies have both the time and the expertise to effectively pursue growth based acquisitions. Through our Fractional CFO services we help foster healthy organic growth.  Through our outsourced corporate development services, Tower offers these companies a cost effective path to enhancing the value of their companies.

As a direct outgrowth of our corporate development work, prior operating experience, and M&A experience, we have developed expertise in select sectors. In these sectors, which cover a familiar portion of the Midwest economy, we are active advisors to companies wishing to sell. This can be the sale of private companies or smaller operations of larger ones. We do not undertake every deal, but through our expertise and that of our strategic partners we can assist a substantial number of industry sectors.


Tower Corporate Advisors grew out of Todd Peter’s experience as an operator, buyer and seller, and investor in smaller manufacturers, and his decade plus of experience at Evarts Capital, where he remains affiliated. Tower’s staff and strategic affiliates have prior M&A experience gathered through work in industry and other investment banking and consulting firms. Tower was formed in May of 2014.


Tower is built on a collaboration of professionals and strategic partnerships with similar firms with complementary expertise. Tower seeks to become partners with their clients and build relationships that extend beyond the execution of a transaction or issuance of an opinion. Our goal is to function as part of the team of our Corporate Development Clients – committed and dedicated to helping them grow the value of their businesses. With our sale clients we look to advise them on the best sale process and most likely buyers for their business. However, we don’t stop there. From our years of operating experience we can often make recommendations to strengthen the company’s appeal to buyers and enhance value.