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Traditional Business Sales – Private Companies

Traditional Business Sales – Private Companies

Tower will sell businesses in our industries of specialization – industrial/commercial manufacturing and services, consumer products, food processing, and all types of distribution, including value added distribution. Our clients are typically private owners seeking a transition of the business to new owners who may be third parties, a co- owner buying out another, or transitions within the family.

The key elements of what we call our Traditional Business Sale Services include:

Developing Sales Strategy: A sale of a privately held company requires insight and planning beyond the preparation of marketing documents. Tower provides counsel and advice to its private sell side clients to help them prepare the company for sale in the period preceding the actual marketing of the company. In some cases the pre-sale period can be years. Every company sale we handle is unique and accordingly we tailor a plan to maximize value for the seller.

Valuation: Getting top dollar for your business begins with an understanding of its real value and being able to communicate and defend that value to potential buyers. Tower Corporate Advisors are experts in valuation analyses including comparable public company analysis, comparable transactions, discounted cash flows and our own proprietary valuation model that all help to realize a seller's maximum value.

Controlled Auctions: Tower is experienced in preparing the selling documents, presentation materials, and modeling that are necessary to effectively position a business for sale. We then identify a wide array of potential buyers for the business and through a controlled process, narrow the list to the best select few, thereby managing the exposure of the business while maximizing value.

Why Use an Independent Professional: An independent, objective mergers and acquisition professional lets you focus on what you do best--running your business. The expertise of M&A professionals in developing marketing plans, defending value and identifying potential buyers yields optimum results for the seller. As your advocate, Tower Corporate Advisors helps ensure you will not leave money on the table, and that you consider and realize the myriad other objectives and intangible elements associated with a sale of a private business.

If you would like to learn more about the different ways that advisors go about selling a company, please contact us now.

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