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A Path to Growth

Growth can come from organic efforts (new products, new territories, new channels) or inorganically through acquisitions.   Some growth options are a hybrid such as licensing or joint ventures.  All growth is both hard and expensive and needs solid financial scrutiny.  At Tower we can help you decide a growth path and then execute.

The essence of our Fractional CFO services is to help identify and pursue healthy growth.  The focus is on identifying and executing financially rewarding growth within the capital resources available to the company, and if needed finding ways to supplement the capital base to support growth.

At Tower we believe that most private companies underutilize acquisition strategy as an avenue for growth. This is a result of two simple facts. First, many owner-managers have not been through the process and are uncertain of how to proceed in a fashion that is both prudent and utilizes best practices for success. Second, those who have prior experience find that having the time to execute an acquisition plan is perpetually derailed by short term demands for management time and attention. Larger companies solve this dilemma by hiring a VP of Corporate Development but this solution is not cost effective for most businesses under $300 million in sales.

We provide a suite of service offerings to solve this problem. One solution can be providing expertise and resources to evaluate deals that are presented to the company (over the transom). Another solution can be developing access and exposure to companies that are on the market. A third solution can involve identifying and reaching out to potential acquisitions that are most likely to fit a specific strategic goal.

We can help you:

1.  Assess whether or not an acquisition based strategy makes sense for your company and what type of transactions can realistically be pursued
2.  Develop and execute an acquisition plan.
3.  Assist you with integrating the acquired company.

We provide these services directly and through alliances with trusted affiliates. Contact us to explore finding a Partner who has the passion and experience to help you grow.