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Operations Improvement Services

Tower takes practical approach to helping company owners and managers improve their performance.  All our projects are oriented towards implementation; we work to jointly develop practical and actionable solutions and continue on the project until they are complete.   As a rule our goal is not write a report; we work with the company staff to execute lasting change. 

Operations Improvement Services – Manufacturing and Distribution  Tower can assist you to improve the results from your manufacturing or distribution operation.  Our projects include developing and lowering costs from your supply chain, improving operations through better utilization of the workforce and increased productivity.  

Operations  We have seen operations particularly in the manufacturing and distribution industries in 100’s of companies.   When you need to improve throughput, reduce cost, improve quality, or reduce working capital we can help.   All our operations consulting work is focused on developing and implementing the solutions. 

Supply Chain  Our supply chain work covers a wide range of improvement projects.  These include tackling underutilized ERP/MRP/Business systems,  developing new buying strategies, vendor development for improved quality or reduced cost, and working capital reduction, as well as traditional cost savings programs.

Operations and supply chain projects are typically last from 4 weeks to months to give time to implement solutions and focus on building your organization for continued improvement. Projects are conducted on a variety of formats from hourly charges to success based formulas.