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Fractional CFO Services

Tower takes practical approach to helping company owners and managers improve their performance.  All our projects are oriented towards implementation; we work to jointly develop practical and actionable solutions and continue on the project until they are complete.   Typically we work a day a week to complement the internal accounting staff already in place in the business.  This part time appraoch is cost effective and efficient.  We focus on the big issues, planning for the future and how to build value.

Financial Management Improvement 

The tough questions every owner faces require good financial information.  What are my costs?   Am I making money on a specific customer?   Should I increase or decrease prices?   Where is all my cash?   What can I do to free up capital to grow?   A CFO will help answer these and other questions.  They will work with your bank to get you better support to pursue your goals.   Answering these tough questions requires a solid financial reporting system and often an analytical approach distinct from the rules of traditional GAAP accounting.  We bring the perspective of a business owner, who needs to make decisions, to preparing financial informantion to support making good decisions.