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EXIT CFO Services - part time CFO services to prepare for EXIT

Tower offers business owners assistance in preparing their company for an exit.  We call these services EXIT CFO services.    The scope of work is typically comes from the results of EXIT PREP.   EXIT CFO service is provided on a part time basis to work with the owner focusing on the high impact issues that can improve an exit outcome.  This work will range in most cases from a half day week to 2 days a week and extend for 3 to 12 months as needed to implement change in the business.

The projects can include a wide range of topics.  Examples are upgrading financial reporting, installing cost and pricing systems,  working capital management, customer profitability improvement,  or productivity improvement.   Other projects require coordination with legal or tax providers to address exit related issues in those areas. 

Tower EXIT CFO gives an owner a practical, cost effective way to get help in making the changes needed to achieve a successful exit.