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Corporate Development - Strategic Search

Strategic Search

Strategic Search is a specialized outsourced corporate development service provided by Tower that is very popular with acquisition oriented companies. It is best described as a front end service to find the right acquisition targets, even though they may not be actively on the market. In many respects this is a a sales effort that searches out candidates, invites them to an acquisition conversation, and then sells them on the potential of a sale to our client. The process continues forward with the tasks and steps of our Acquisition Advisory process.

Key elements in an effective Strategic Search are a combination of creative and studied analysis of the options and possibilities for building value through acquisitions. This planning process is a first step in any search engagement.

Our experience shows that with proper research and effective outreach we can identify 5-10 screened and qualified candidates for each search conducted for a client company. The process can be prolonged and follow a winding path but will often offer excellent results.

Tower’s Strategic Search programs require greater upfront efforts than Acquisition Advisory projects and our fees are reflective of that. However, we keep the upfront costs to our clients low and depend upon successful completion of the deal to earn the majority of our fees.

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